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flight magic confusion learned spells
— by TomDRock TomDRock
so my player keeps telling me that

While there is no limit to level-1 maneuvers a pegasi, griffin or alicorn can learn to perform, they
may only learn up to their AGI score in level 2 maneuvers, 1/3 their AGI score (rounded down) in level 3
maneuvers, and a single level 4 maneuver. In addition to this cap, fliers can learn up to one passive flight
maneuver at every level (with an unlimited number of level 0 passives – all fliers start with those).

means that he should be able to learn every flight magic level one spell with out limit

even though the paragraph before it said

characters with the flight racial ability may learn a number of maneuvers equal to 1/10 their total
flight skill rank, and may perform any rank-0 maneuvers without formally learning them. This determines how many maneuvers a flight-capable character starts with – just take their initial flight rank, divide by 10 and round down. Every time they pass another divisible-by-ten threshold, they have the opportunity to learn a new flight maneuver. What maneuvers are available to them are restricted by their rank – up to rank 25, they can only learn up level 1 maneuvers. At rank 50, they gain access to level 2 maneuvers, and rank 75 gains access to level 3 maneuvers. The single level 4 maneuver can only be chosen upon reaching skill rank 100.

i would think that the no limit on level 1 spells is so that you could get a perk/trait/hindrance  to expand the amount of flight spells you could get
so normal you could only have up to 10 level 1 spells

just bringing it to your attention (it was under the request of my player and would like to not be called out for being a lair)
and thank you for your time