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Hello there!  Welcome to the FOE RPG Forums!  There are many like us, but this one's ours.  

Basic Ground Rules:
> Please post any questions or comments in the appropriate sub-forum; if you can't pin it down, post it in the Absolutely Everything.   That's what it's there for.  

> Keep it PG-13, or at least NC-17.  Swear as much and as creatively as you'd like, but don't post any images that wouldn't get past a Derpibooru filter.  Text descriptions and the like are fine, so long as you put an NSFW tag in your subject line and otherwise appropriately label the post. We thank you for keeping the reputation of the fandom relatively wholesome.  

> Be polite.  This means please refrain from being an asshole to others.   We don't need any more of those, the ones we've got are working just fine.  

Thank you for your cooperation.  Enjoy your stay.
System Creator