Four-Eyes: Temp bonuses to stats and skills

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Four-Eyes: Temp bonuses to stats and skills

I'm new to the system, and am doing my gosh-darndest to piece it all together, but there's one thing I've come across that I can't quite figure out where I'm entirely confident in the result.

In the Four-Eyes hindrance (page 80), it describes a +2 bonus to PER when you're wearing prescription glasses, but "Don't forget that this bonus also grants a +10 roll bonus on all PER based checks."

After spending all my creation points and applying the permanent -1 reduction to PER, the base stat is 6, and my untagged PER-based skills have rank 16.

If I'm understanding the way this works, while my pony is wearing his prescription glasses, I treat him as having a PER score of 8 (6+2), increasing all of the PER MFDs appropriately.

Then, rather than cascading those changes through the PER-based skills, I simply add 10 to my TN values on all those rolls.

My question is both for confirmation and to clarify this in a broader sense: Increasing my PER by 2 increases my MFD 1 by 20, and by extension, my MFD 1/2 by 10. Is this increase to my MFD 1/2 where the +10 bonus comes from?

I'm confused because on page 68, describing the different types of bonuses/penalties it says this on Temporary Attribute Bonus/Penalty:
"Dependent skills don’t need to be recalculated; they receive a roll bonus or penalty equal to the attribute bonus or penalty."

But the described attribute score bonus is +2 and the described skill roll bonus is +10.

Am I missing something?
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Re: Four-Eyes: Temp bonuses to stats and skills

Hi there! Welcome to the forum. Sorry for the late reply but activity here is less than it used to be and I don't visit on a daily basis like a used to (And honestly most people who used to be on here i chat on discord with xD but ya know).

1. That I'm mostly sure is left over from previous versions of the manual and not written well. It does give the +2 Temp PER stat bonus, but really what I believe that +10 bonus to roll means it that the +2 Temp PER stat bonus increases your MFD1 for all PER based skills by 10. That's because every time a Temp stat bonus is given your MFD1 improves by 5 (thus if 2 Temp stat bonus you gain 10). If this is confusing let me know I can clarify further with an example.

2. You're making a few mistakes on this one xD First and foremost Temp stat bonuses do not count the same as Permanent ones.

3. The system is crunchy, and especially at the start use this sheet:  The sheet will handle all matters of stat calculation for you for everything. My group still uses it. If you want a googlesheet document I can find you one as I'm helping finish one up there as well.